2As a matter of course, social capital affects economic well-being on the micro- and meso-level as well. An enormous body of research literature can be found at the individual level which, for instance, analyses how social capital improves employment situations (Franzen, Hangartner 2006, Granovetter 1995, Mouw 2003, Obukhova, Lan 2013, Thompson 2005) or related economic outcomes (Boxman et al. 1991, Gerber, Mayorova 2010, Kwon et al. 2013, Lancee 2010, 2012). Furthermore, Lee (2009) stated for the meso-level that “social capital is potentially an important source of competitive advantage for all organisations” (Cooke et al. 2005, see Tsai, Ghoshal 1998). However, this article focuses on macro-level research.