Editorial: REGION - the online open-access journal of ERSA


  • Julia Koschinsky Arizona State University
  • Sierdjan Koster University of Groningen
  • Roberto Patuelli University of Bologna
  • Vicente Royuela University of Barcelona
  • Vassilis Tselios University of Southampton




Editorial, Open Access Journal, Open Source, Regional Science


This editorial launches REGION, the new online and open-access journal of ERSA. REGION aims to be a high-quality academic journal in the field of regional science. To its contributors, it offers a solid peer-review process and immediate publication upon acceptance. Also, it will be a flexible outlet, not bound by traditional journal formats or strict page limits. To its readers, the journal offers high-standard publications on current issues in regional science that are easily accessible through its website. Both submitting to the journal and accessing the contributions are free of charge to everyone.

Author Biographies

Julia Koschinsky, Arizona State University

Associate Research Professor, School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning

Sierdjan Koster, University of Groningen

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Department of Economic Geography

Roberto Patuelli, University of Bologna

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Vicente Royuela, University of Barcelona

Associate Professor, Dept. Econometria, Estadistica i Economia Espanyol, Regional Quantitative Analysis Research Group (AQR)

Vassilis Tselios, University of Southampton

Lectures, Department of Geography and Environment


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How to Cite

Koschinsky, J., Koster, S., Patuelli, R., Royuela, V. and Tselios, V. (2014) “Editorial: REGION - the online open-access journal of ERSA”, REGION, 1(1), pp. 1–3. doi: 10.18335/region.v1i1.9.