A classification for English primary schools using open data


  • Stephen Clark University of Leeds
  • Nik Lomax Univeristy of Leeds
  • Mark Birkin University of Leeds




England has statutory regulations in place that ensure state funded schools deliver broadly the same curriculum. However there still exists a wide range of contexts in which this education takes place, including: the management of schools; how the schools chose to spend their budgets; individual policies in regards to staffing, behaviour and attendance, and perhaps most importantly, the composition of the pupil population in the school. Given these contexts, one outcome of interest is the attainment profile of schools, and it is important that this performance is judged in context, for the benefits of pupils, parents and schools. To this end, this study develops a classification using contemporary data for English primary schools. The open data used captures aspects of the gender, ethnic, language, staffing and affluence makeup of each school. The nature of these derived groupings is described and made available as a mapping resource. These groupings allow the identification of “families of schools”, to act as a resource to foster better collaboration between schools and more nuanced benchmarking.

primary schools


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Clark, S., Lomax, N. and Birkin, M. (2020) “A classification for English primary schools using open data”, REGION, 7(2), pp. R1-R13. doi: 10.18335/region.v7i2.326.